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Google Posts is here for all local businesses via Google My Business!

Posted by Tom Hodson on 28-Jun-2017 15:34:48

In the past, Google Posts was always confined to a limited number of users groups but not anymore! Now, any small business that uses the Google My Business (GMB) platform can get involved.

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Why Join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce? | Advice for SMEs

Posted by Molly Forsyth on 12-Jun-2017 09:15:47

 As a local business owner, why join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce?

A not-for-profit organisation set up to support businesses in the Black Country - but why join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce? 

Finding support in the Black Country business sector can be difficult. Many local business owners, quite rightly, take pride in their self-made success, but understand that further growth requires being open to help and guidance from outside. At some stage, they have to be willing to cooperate and collaborate with a third party of some kind, be it an investor, a partner in a joint venture or something as simple as extra training and qualifications.

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5 facts on how local SEO helps local businesses | Video

Posted by Molly Forsyth on 07-Jun-2017 16:25:34

We've rounded up the 5 key facts on how local seo helps local businesses

The rise and rise of SEO, and digital commerce as a whole, continues to take more of the market share from traditional business methods and practises.

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Mobile Friendly - How to keep up & why you need to | Andy Hill

Posted by Andy Hill on 06-Jun-2017 16:33:20

Mobile is overtaking desktop, is your business keeping up?

Andy Hill, Managing Director of MNA Digital takes a look at how mobile usage has changed and how you can make sure your business is mobile friendly.

Mobile phones are a fixture of the modern world, with internet browsing on the move dominating life seemingly wherever you turn.

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What does SEO mean? A Jargon Free Guide

Posted by Molly Forsyth on 06-Jun-2017 15:49:52

It's time to bust the jargon, and find out what does SEO mean?

SEO is one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing, but for business owners who aren’t in the know, it’s another jargon term with a hard-to-find definition.

If you search for information on SEO, you may find rather complicated articles explaining how to improve your backlinks or how to fix your 301 redirects. For those who are frustrated with the lack of information available on SEO for beginners, we’ve compiled an answer sheet that properly explains what SEO means and why it matters.

Time to bust the jargon once and for all!

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New Look Websites For Express & Star and Shropshire Star

Posted by Natalie Coughlan on 05-May-2017 16:45:21

MNA Digital proud to launch new look websites for Express & Star and Shropshire Star

The website for Britain’s biggest selling regional paper has been given a “cleaner look” as part of a complete redesign, by the team at MNA Digital.

It's fair to say the task of redesigning two websites that combined see over 2 million visitors a month, felt huge! But, the team here at MNA Digital went back to basics, and focused on the same key point we do with all of our web design: User Experience.

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Small Businesses Using Video Stand Out From The Crowd | Andy Hill

Posted by Andy Hill on 05-May-2017 11:38:44

It can be tough to get noticed online, Andy Hill takes a look at how small businesses using video stand out from the crowd.

In an ever changing market it is getting harder to stand out from competitors online, but it can be done. Small businesses using video are reaping the rewards online, with increased engagement and audience growth.

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Top 10 Online Visibility Tips for Businesses

Posted by Jonathan Maley on 03-May-2017 16:45:24

So, you've been talking about marketing your business online for months and you've finally sat down to get started.

Maybe you have been meaning to update your Facebook page or Twitter feed but the day-to-day tasks of running your business have got in the way. 

Well, if you can spare five minutes of your time then this post will help you make sense of what you are doing now to promote your business online, and what you could be doing to improve your reach! 

Here are my top 10 tips for improving your business' visibility online. 

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How To Reach A Local Audience Online

Posted by Natalie Coughlan on 28-Apr-2017 14:49:47

Good news – 2017 is the year of local! Here are our top tips on how to reach a local audience online.

The internet can make local businesses feel like they’re a tiny fish in a very very big pond. But, good news – 2017 is the year of local! Google is increasingly putting an importance on local search results, and it’s easier than ever to target a local audience with paid advertising. Here are our top tips on how to reach a local audience online.

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Why Your Email Address Is Costing You Business (And How To Fix It)

Posted by Natalie Coughlan on 28-Apr-2017 11:40:18

MNA Digital take a look at why your email address is costing you business and how you quickly and cheaply fix it.

When you’re running a business, your biggest concern is looking after your customers and bringing in new business. Quite rightly too. Do you really need to worry about something as minor as your email address? The short answer is yes, because your email address is costing you business.

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